RoG Matrix Platinum 290x Artifacts

I've tried everything and can not solve this problem. I even RMA'ed the card and Asus sent it back saying they couldn't duplicate the problem. I was wondering what was your guys thoughts.

Here's a demo of the artifacts:

Some of the troubleshooting I did:

* Different power supply
* Tried different PCI x16 slots
* Downclocked every possible settings via Asus GPU Tweak
* Undervolted every possible settings via Asus GPU Tweak
* Reinstalled Windows to ensure no other software conflicts
* Flashed to latest UEFI provided by my motherboard manufacturer
* Tried the last 5 drivers provided by the AMD Radeon drivers site
* Tried the drivers linked on Asus
* Tried the latest beta drivers from AMD
* Tried it on Linux (same artifacts)
* Reset the BIOS
* Used several driver cleaners to wipe the old drivers
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  1. It's a longshot but maybe the temperature is too high?

    Occasionally a GPU will artifact slightly at over 70C. Even my GTX 780 will occasionally, very occasionally, artifact at the same temperature of 76C.

    Only thing that makes this a longshot is that your GPU does it all the time at that temp, while mine does it maybe... 5% of the time?

    If you could source an extra case fan and point it directly at the GPU to shave 5-6 degrees C off, maybe that might solve the problem... and if so, consider a custom cooling unit. Real shame GPUs run too hot for their own good (at stock settings) if that's the case.

    (Nice video BTW :) ).
  2. Your right. That would be rediculous if it was the heat. The card runs up to 95c at reference. Ill try the fan idea and see what happens.

    OT: Thanks for the compliment about the video, lol. Been working on my production and YT skills :D
  3. I think I may be onto something. I upped the voltage on the GPU from 1250mV to 1400mV. The artifacts did not completely disappear but they're is definatley much much less artifacts. Almost unoticable in the Valley benchmark. Going to do more testing and see what happens.

    Any advice would be much appreciated since I usually don't deal to much with changing voltages.
  4. I have the same card.. mine does the same. Ive been loking into the voltage also because when you overclock a gpu if the voltage isnt high enough you can experience artifacts or fliggering. i think that from factory they didnt pull the voltage high enough and that we need to do i manually in order to get the card work properly.
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