EVGA GTX 760 OC SLI + FX8320 (4.5GHz) with a 750w PSU??

The title explains everything!!

and the full build is:

FX 8320 OC'ed to 4.5GHz
2x EVGA GTX 760 OC in SLI
Corsair H100i
8GB 1333 MHz RAM
8 fans, 1 HDD, 1 DVD Drive.

would a 750w 80 plus BRONZE PSU handle the build with no probs??

i'm thinking of the Corsair CX750M or the EVGA SuperNOVA 750B1 or B2 :??:
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  1. Best answer
    Yes, 750 watts should be fine. I'm running a very similar setup and there are no hiccups at all.
  2. are you sure? cause it will take two weeks for me to receive the PSU from shipment and i can't take it back!
    i'm desperately searching for the REAL solution to this and i need more info :D
  3. Go for the EVGA B2, better quality
  4. The cables of the B2 are ugly... too much colors going on :/
  5. M4ACKKY said:
    The cables of the B2 are ugly... too much colors going on :/

    The B2's cables conform to industry standard color coding for wires based on the DC voltage that they provide.

    The B1's cables don't conform to any color coding standard. To figure out what voltage a specific wire is providing requires that the pin-out of the cable be known or to be measured with a voltmeter.
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