First gaming pc, any suggestions and which is better windows 7 or 8.1?

So I'm building a gaming PC
Here is the link:

Just wanted to know any suggestions or comments from some possibly more experienced builders. Also, I've seen mixed reviews on windows 8.1 compared to 7. Which is better for gaming; from age of empires 2 - watch dogs, is there really a difference? And lastly, which is easier to use and get the most out of it? Thanks in advance I know I've asked a bunch of questions but better safe than sorry I figure. :)
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  1. Build looks good, nice CPU.
    If you haven't tried Windows 8.1, you should play around with in a store. You might hate it, as in general it's hated. See the articles on Windows 9? MS is rushing for a reason.
  2. Build looks good. I would get a Z97 Mobo just because its newer.

    I heard Win8.1 is faster. But you need to try that to see if you like that. I myself am using Win7 and will keep on using it as long as MS supports it. But its personal preference which one you like :)
  3. Thanks, I figured for the price, I couldn't get much better. I haven't looked into windows 9 much at all yet. I was just trying to figure out which to use now. Thanks for the advice, i'll make sure to swing by best buy for a few sometime soon and try it out on their desktops. O have it on my surface rt but I'm not planning on using a touchscreen monitor and kinda curious as to how well it might work.
  4. Windows 8 isn`t very good but 8.1 is nice! I have it and I really enjoy it a lot! And it is more optimized for games than windows 7
  5. Yeah I heard the last thing I wanted was windows 8. Haha. I'm now researching z97 mobos. Thanks bluemoon_9 :P
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    Here is a guide to help you :),3824.html
  7. Since your building new, look at the Asus boards too. As they are arguably "the best".
  8. Thanks for the guide! Its very informative. Also, I'll make sure to check Asus as well
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