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Basically connect multiple internal hard drives into one box that my main computer can access through a USB connection or through a network (if its through a network does it need to be connected my WiFi router or can I have a separate router just for the storage?). However have each drive connect separately so like if one hard drive dies it loses the data on it but the others are fine. Like if I connect two external hard drives and its I: and D: but in this case have it only use one USB port and not two as well as internal hard drives (or not its okay either way but preferably internal). I'm probably not making any sense but thank you for whatever help I can get.

Is it possible to have multiple external hard drives connect to a single USB hub connecting to my main computer without the transfer speeds being slower cause of it. I like to be able to access everything without having to unplug something which is my main reason for this.

I'm needy lol thanks for the help though!
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  1. Save yourself a lot of trouble. Look at the Synology range of SOHO NAS boxes. I think you'll find they do just what you need.
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    I do agree with Karsten, you'll be really happy with a Synology. I love mine, use it for a million things.

    But if you're intent on building your own solution, you'll want to check out a program call FreeNAS. It's very stable, can run on just about any computer hardware, and works well if you want to build a tower with a lot of storage. I have one with 20Tb of drives in it running on an old linux server, and I haven't had to reset it once.
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