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I have 2 hdd.1st is 500 gb(os is installed on it) and 2nd is 2tb.My 2tb hdd is fairy new.been used for 22 hours only.but sometime when downloading files on it i have seem to notice that the other files present on it are playing slowly.sometimes the folders wont even open.suddenly today on crystaldiskinfo i have noticed that the current seek error rate is really close to being in the worst zone.Is this really a problem and why my hdd is getting slow when downloading larged sized fies on it ?

- S.M.A.R.T. --------------------------------------------------------------
ID Cur Wor Thr RawValues(6) Attribute Name
01 113 100 6 000003504EB8 Read Error Rate
03 93 91 0 000000000000 Spin-Up Time
04 100 100 20 00000000001A Start/Stop Count
05 100 100 10 000000000000 Reallocated Sectors Count
07 61 60 30 00010017B63D Seek Error Rate
09 100 100 0 00000000002C Power-On Hours
0A 100 100 97 000000000000 Spin Retry Count
0C 100 100 20 000000000017 Power Cycle Count
B7 100 100 0 000000000000 Vendor Specific
B8 100 100 99 000000000000 End-to-End Error
BB 100 100 0 000000000000 Reported Uncorrectable Errors
BC 100 100 0 000000000000 Command Timeout
BD 100 100 0 000000000000 High Fly Writes
BE 59 54 45 0000291C0029 Airflow Temperature
BF 100 100 0 000000000000 G-Sense Error Rate
C0 100 100 0 00000000000B Power-off Retract Count
C1 100 100 0 000000000093 Load/Unload Cycle Count
C2 41 46 0 001B00000029 Temperature
C5 100 100 0 000000000000 Current Pending Sector Count
C6 100 100 0 000000000000 Uncorrectable Sector Count
C7 200 200 0 000000000000 UltraDMA CRC Error Count
F0 100 253 0 3AC00000002B Head Flying Hours
F1 100 253 0 0000265C85AB Total Host Writes
F2 100 253 0 000057A8BF46 Total Host Reads
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  1. Download a drive check utility from the hard drive vendor, but it does seem you will need to replace it.
  2. seatools says its okay.but folders present on the drive take times to open and files present in it plays slowly though that happens sometimes only not always .
  3. Dipayan said:
    seatools says its okay.but folders present on the drive take times to open and files present in it plays slowly though that happens sometimes only not always .

    I just re-read your post, you say it's slow when you are copying other files to it? That would be normal as it's doing several operations at once and the read/write heads are moving back and forth.
  4. I have some questions that i want to know
    1. should the seek error value be that high.and its current number is close to worst 61 to 60.will it be a problem in future ?
    2.is it really ok for a drive to hang while downloading big files(just noticed that it only happens when downloading in high speed too when the speed is in between 4- 10 mbps when i reduced client speed it was ok again.weird problem)
    3.another thing file transfer speed is hovering around 40 mbps is that normal ? shouldn't it be higher than that for a new sata drive.
  5. The drive is reporting 1 seek error in 1,553,981 (= 0x0017B63D) seeks.

    The normalised value (61) is logarithmic.

    In short, there is nothing to worry about.

    See http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/Seagate_SER_RRER_HEC.html
  6. thanks for the answer but the thing which is mostly worrying me is the drive freezes while downloading big files at that time if i open Disk Management it crashes and as i said it only happens when downloading in high speed when the speed is in between 4- 10 mbps.What is the reason for this.
  7. The drive may have "weak" sectors which don't show up in SMART. I would perform a surface scan with MHDD in DOS mode. This will identify any "slow" sectors.
  8. run test says no weak/damaged is sector present.lowest sector transfer speed is 79.3 MBPS and highest is about 178 MBPS.also ran hdsentinel obtained this graph.
    is this normal?if so what could be the problem then.
  9. ISTM that your 2TB Seagate is benching like a 3-platter drive rather than a 2-platter. Does it have a serial number beginning with x1E or x1F (where x = S, W, or Z)?

    The regular bumps in the graph probably reflect the different bit rates of each head. You can see this much more clearly in a short stroked HD Tune graph.

    How to determine number of heads using HD Tune:

    In short, your graph looks very good. However, you really need a proper test such as MHDD to rule out the possibility of "slow" sectors.
  10. mine serial starts with z2f.
    lets say if i have slow sectors(cant test with mhdd cause my pendrive is broken.have to buy a new one next month) is there any way to repair them or bypass them.will these weak sector be major problem in future or just be a weird performance issue.
    and if i dont have any slow sectors what could other reason be for this weird problem.is this a os related problem or any other thing.
  11. Sorry, I have no other ideas.
  12. The drive cache is filling up. Small files will show amazing performance but large files will fill the cache and cause it to queue the commands and slow down. Try benchmarking the drive. Also is the drives capacity full? If the drive is full and fragmented the head will have to bounce around a lot to fined free sectors
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