hi lads need expert cooling advice

Need a low profile cpu cooler for fx 8350 am3+ socket on a asus 990fx board in a gigabyte gz-g2 plus case any ideas I think I have about 120mm in height to play with thanks:)

Also meant to say that there will be a side cover 120mm fan in place which limits me to about 120mm in height other wise with out the side cover fan there is 150mm in height to play with:(.

Maybe this fan is good enough I have no idea:??:
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    The simplest thing is dont use the side fan .

    They generally just disrupt the flow of air from front to back and ruin your flow of cooling air . The only time you would want one is if you have an SLI or crossfire system with two graphics cards packed closely together like some motherboards used to do

    The big shuriken is rated for 65 watt processors . You must not use it , it simply cannot handle the heat from an FX 8350

    From you link only the closed loop water coolers have any chance of meeting your height restriction and cooling the processor

    is a very fine cooler and relatively low profile
    139 mm with the fan

    And this one
    I have never seen but it bound to be as well built as every other Noctua
    and according to its specs its 130 mm tall with the fan
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