Asus Sabertooth-Z97M2 or Asus Z97-A 5th GEN

Hi Guys,

Please help me decide between these 2 motherboards, i was set on Sabertooth but read some reviews on z97-A and i'm confused. I'm trying to build a decent gaming rig with the below config

Processor - i7 4790k
RAM - 8GBx2 (Crosair Vengeance/G.SKILL Ripjaws)
GTX 770 (will be doing a 2-way SLI in future)
CM Storm Trooper case
Cooler yet to decide btwn Deepcool Assassin/ CM Hyper 412/ Noctua NH-D14

I hope this config will last at least some 5 years with little upgrades when possible.

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    Either will do fine, I'd personally go with the z97-a. ( Both are great mobos, all up to you )
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