Suggest PSU for my rig

Cpu: intel i7 4790
Gpu: amd radeon r9 280x
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  1. If you are buying in the US, get the EVGA 750 B2. Made by Superflower. There are more expensive options out there though.
  2. 600W 80+ silver rated PSU would get the job done..
  3. Any 600W+ unit from XFX, Seasonic, Antec, or Corsair (AX, TX, and HX units only) should do.
  4. Rosewill Capstone 500 or 550W. I have the 450W powering my 3570 and 280.
  5. I have a 650W powering my amd fx-4100 and gtx 560ti on asus m5a99x evo mobo and im facing +3.3V warning shutdown troubles. So I have to get a psu highly reliable and far more than the requirement. So im planning on an 850W. How is EVGA supernova 850W?
  6. The EVGA 850 G2 is great and it has a 10 year warranty but the 650 that you currently have is probably from a bad manufacturer.
  7. The 650 I currently have is a Corsair
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    Agreed. More wattage isn't the answer. If properly built, the extra 200W should all be on the 12V rail. The 3.3V and 5V should be identical between a 650 and 850W unit. You could have a poor or dying PSU. (or a bad setting on the 3.3V rail.)
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