r9 290x lowers it's clock to about 500 mhz in game...

i'm not quite happy with my new r9 290x, as it is clocking itself at half it's capeble speed...
i have reinstalled the drivers in the proper way, i have enabled overdrive to maintain 85 C and making the fan go manually at 42% wich is quite loud on the reference model... but i just CAN'T get the performance that you would expect from a 290x.
please help me figure out what i'm doing wrong here?

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  1. my cpu is an i5 2300 so that can't be a big problem. my ram is 6gb 1333 ddr3
  2. i can't find my cooler master g750m, but it is only 2 weeks old and bought for this card it can maximally output 62A on the 12v pci-e. it shouldn't be the problem
  3. Make and model of the card please. It should only throttle down when overheating. The 1st batch of cards to hit the market had the same issue you are experiencing, in fact I believe Tomshardware pointed it out in their review. AMD then released a new driver and this resolved the issue. When you say you re-installed the driver did you 1st fully remove the existing driver? My 1st thought was an older driver is somehow loading in and causing the problem.

    Also is the card new or 2nd hand and just new too you? If it is second hand then check it for dust built up in the fan case.

    Have you got the correct power to it. I think it is 1 x 6 pin and 1 x 8 pin. And as the previous poster said, you need to check to mkae sure your power supply unit is up the the increased power draw.


    Also I believe there maybe 2 cooling profiles for that card, 'quiet' and then 'uber'. In uber mode the fan speed increases to about 55% and the card works at its top rated performance. The noise is something that cards with stock coolers suffer from. Far better to spend some extra money and get a nice non-stock cooler like the one on my Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x. I barley ever notice it, even after 4 hours of ARMA 3 on very high overall settings.
  4. damn i didn't mean to make it the best solution
  5. it's a reference model asus r9 290x
  6. my psu is 750 watts 80 plus bronze, and the drivers were reinstalled using driver sweeper i believe?
    oh and yes it is a brand new card
  7. thank you very much!
  8. is it posible you could also help me with my problem?
  9. Remove the heat cap and set the fan on automatic, otherwise it'll throttle to keep itself under 85C.
  10. disable overdrive or set it to 95 C?
  11. I hear stock reference 290X's downclock themselves to keep the heat in check... What is the actual temperature it is running at at that moment when it sits at 500Mhz?

    Try to boost fan speed to 80% or so - it's a bit insane, but do it just to test if it affects clock. If it does, then it means your card overheats and down-clocks accordingly.
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    Set it to the default settings (disable overdrive).
  13. well the card starts at it's overclocked speed of 1050mhz but as soon as it gets hot it downclocks 500 mhz or so. i've set the max temp to 85C in overdrive wich like you said manages the heat with downclocking. i have ones accidently set the fanspeed to 85% and i\m never doing that again. i never knew people were serious when they said it sounds like a jet taking of...
  14. okay i'll try
  15. wow, i heard all these positive things about overdrive... it's now running at 750-950 wich is still not even close to a 1000 mhz but it's better. thanks
    oh and one little thing, in asus gpu tweak, i can't monitor the amount of gpu memory i'm using, mayby it's something simple.
    it's not very important
  16. The memory thing is probably a bug, try something like MSI afterburner.
    You could try getting an aftermarket cooler if the temps bother you:,review-32828.html
  17. And afterburner works with my asus card?
    I would prefer some better cooling somedays
  18. Should work, it's not limited to MSI only cards. Cudos to MSI for that.
  19. Then my preference goes to msi
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