AMD Budget PC for streaming (need help)

Hey everyone,

I need to make really cheap PC under 300$ without HDD's and without Case. I will use that PC for streaming through capture card so there will be no gaming till I stream and its going to be my wife PC for some casual gaming aka Dota 2, Minecraft and some other games (with lower details @ 1440x900 monitor and 60hz).

I found some parts, but I'm not sure and I need confirmation.

What I'm selling tomorrow and we currently have is:
Core 2 Duo E8400
4GB DDR2 800mhz
Gigabyte P35 xxxxx
450w Power Supply

What I'm aiming for:
CPU AM3+ AMD FX-6300, 3.50GHz BOX Black Edition 32nm - 139$
AMD Radeon R5 230 ASUS 1GB GDDR3, DVI/HDMI/64bit - 58$

Now I'm wondering what is the cheapest motherboard which I can go for ? Also not sure about supplies since I need to buy in one local company where I can buy with monthly payment.

If someone can use english translator on page perhaps can help me with choice although you will say that choice is poor right ? :) - Supplies - Motherboards

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  1. whats your max budget?
  2. I'm not even so sure the change would be all that great, and you'd also need to get new RAM since the DDR2 won't move over.

    Why not just get a 750ti and throw it in your current machine? Shadowplay will let you record and stream in game video, and the E8400 with a 750ti is more than enough for Mincecraft and DOTA2...
  3. If this PC is JUST going to be for streaming...not capture or don't need a lot of power or storage.

    Small boot drive
    4-8GB of RAM
    4 core CPU, like an FX 4300

    Dedicated capture/streaming card. Something like this:

    Problem is this is going to eb a little more than your budget. You may want to consider Traciatim's suggestion and look at an nVidia card with ShadowPlay.
  4. It's not enough when I need to stream 720p with 3000 bitrate @ 60 fps on twitch by using OBS software. Quad core is required, I'm aware that I could go for Q9200 perhaps but it's kinda risky again. Focus is on CPU here.

    It's around 300$ bucks.

    GPU and CPU are approx 200$ (which I mentioned). I assume that I can get RAM and Motherboard for 100$ since some prices are cheaper here.

    Edit: I already have HD PVR2 / Rocket. I'm working on youtube as fulltime job but for streaming I want to secure solid PC for 720p streaming once when my i7 4770k starts to get kinda overloaded.

    And again casual gaming (mostly open world survival games) will be better since games are starting to shutter here on Core2Duo despite oc'ing. Also we have 2x500gb SATA2 for that upcoming"new build".

    Also I had AMD Q955 for quite some time and it was enormous improvement comparing to E8400 so I kinda now what to expect in terms of gaming.
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