Maximus VI Hero wont boot with Aftermarket CPU cooler?

I know this subject has been broached before, but searching through I wasn't able to find a notable solution.

Yesterday I got the rest of my components for my new build. This is running:

Asus Maximus VI Hero
Asus's GTX 760
2x8gb DDR3
CM 212 Evo CPU cooler
all wrapped into an Antec 900 case.

I assemble everything carefully, cross my fingers, and power on. One beep Q code 55 fail to boot to BIOS. Great. I actually expected this, I always forget something small. Check Dimm slots, reaffirm connections across the board, check CPU socket and CPU for bent pins. Can't find anything that would cause this.

After reading some obscure forum post from last year I switch out the aftermarket cooler for the Intel stock one. Lo and behold it posts just fine. I changed them back out 2 or 3 times, and for the life of me, I do not see what is causing this error that occurs exclusively with the (properly installed, I assure you) Hyper 212 Evo.

Does anyone have any experience with this board and the Q code 55? Do I need to try a new aftermarket cooler? Is this one to heavy or something (it's not heavy at all)?

Please help me out here, thanks ahead of time!
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  1. the only thing connecting to your system is the fan try another fan with your evo if that doesn't meaby you are tightening your evo to tight to the motherboard

    asus q-code 55 is a memory problem...did you even research what the q-code means?
  3. Ofcourse I did, I checked the Dimm configuration first thing, as indicated by the original post. Obviously this isn't the real issue. Its the cooler throwing the code. Memory is fine.

    I think the issue is probably because the memory controller is located in the CPU socket. This could mean that if the cooler were too tight on the board it could throw that code. But I did realize that after the first isntall. So the second (and third) time I tried to revert to Hyper 212, I made sure the heatsink was properly seated and that I was not placing undo strain on the socket. So I don't think that is whats causing it either.
  4. Bracket on the back shorting anything out?
  5. vagrancyx said:

    asus q-code 55 is a memory problem...did you even research what the q-code means?

    if his system works by putting another cooler on it, it aint a memory problem
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    baddwulf could you try putting the evo on it without mounting it to the motherboard but just manually pressing it down if that works ther is to much force on your moterboard when mounted down and you shoudl check if you are installing the backplate correctly if so you are mounting it to tight you can also try to unscrew your motherboard screws a LITTLE bit meaby they are to tight and thers to much force on it when the evo is installed

    if that doesn't work unplug the fan cable from the evo and put in the fan cable from the intelstock cooler if that works there is somethin wrong with fan
  7. Rick Kraster said:
    vagrancyx said:

    asus q-code 55 is a memory problem...did you even research what the q-code means?

    if his system works by putting another cooler on it, it aint a memory problem

    didn't notice that part so my apologies on that one. In any case, it's weird an aftermarket cooler is throwing a q-55 code pointing to a memory issue. Usually if there is something wrong with the cooler fan, bios throws an error specific to the cpu cooler.

    I'd say its either on too tight, or perhaps you're missing something something between the bracket and the board (some have rubber grommets, although I've never used an evo so I don't really know).
  8. OK, so after having reinstalled this cooler 5ish times, I have determined it is the 120mm fan that came with the Hyper 212 that is causing the issue. After testing the CM heatsink without the fan for a brief run, I purchased a NZXT replacement fan from Microcenter. This seems to have fixed the issue. Boots fine, runs cool, no problems (atleast for now haha).

    Now my biggest struggle now is going to be getting Microsoft to reactivate my Windows. Apparently they don't like you changing out your mobo.

    Thanks for all the answers. I would've gotten there eventually, but it definitely would have taken a little longer!
  9. just call the automated line and when they ask how many computers just say 1..the robot is forgiving.
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