I have windows 8 and have an HP 2000 laptop. I can't open Google Chrome, Store, Netflix or anything. Can any one help me.

I have 64 bit.
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  1. Do you see a anythink errors ?
  2. So are you saying you can not get online?
  3. The best thing you can do with your Windows8 HP laptop is to 'throw it in the bin' - I've got one which I am currently locked out of altogether - I can't even use it to play DVD's on which is all that it is good for. I bought myself a 'Chromebook' a while back because I 'hate' Windows8 so much. When I first bought my Chromebook I could use 'Netflix' but a few weeks ago that was blocked too by something 'out there' somehow Chrome and Netbook have become incompatible. I have also been 'locked out' of my live.mail - I've used the same password for years but found one day that they (Microsoft) would not accept it without a 'code' that they had sent me. I wish I could be more help but unfortunately I can't but do sympathise the reason why you can't use Chrome and Netflix on your Windows8 laptop is because 'they' don't want you to. :-)
  4. Please uninstall antyvirus, or other software for security PC, and please try again open the above-mentioned software.
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