New Computer Locks up and games lag.

So I just built a new computer on Sunday and i've noticed at random everything will lock up and I just have to let it sit for about 30-40s and it all comes back to normal. It has a AMD 6300 6core processor at 3.8ghz, 8gb RAM, ATI Radeon 270x with 2gb mem, 600watt ps(from last pc), 500gb Hard drive(from last pc), and new 120gb ssd. Im sorta leaning on the whole PS not being strong enough but i'm losing my mind. Also games lag a lot worse than they did on my laptop I just got rid of.. Makes no sense.
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  1. Try to borrow a different PSU and test the system with that. Having said that however, a 600W PSU should be sufficient for that setup...

    More ideas as I get them.
  2. whats your powersupply?
  3. Its a 600watt Corsair power supply.
  4. id try a different powersupply
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