compatibility with motherboard,processor and video card

can anyone help me with telling me if these are compatible together AMD Athlon II X4 750KAMD Radeon HD 5850 Biostar TA
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  1. Biostar TA which one? Provide the complete model no pl
  2. EasyLover said:
    Biostar TA which one? Provide the complete model no pl

    oh sorry ye Biostar TA75MH2 Ver. 6.x
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    This mobo supports FM2 socket and also suports AMD Athelon II X4 series CPUs. GPU requires one x16 PCI lane, which is available on the mobo. All the components are compatible. Make sure to use good PSU and RAM. Cheers
  4. im definitely a noob at building a computer but what watt do you recommend for them components ?
  5. You are good with 550W PSU here
  6. thanks man i know where to go if i have any-more questions to annoy you with
  7. You are welcome dear. No issue. Glad to assist.
  8. ok last question what video card(between 100 and 200) would be compatible with these Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 Motherboard and AMD FX6300 Black Edition 6 Core ?

    i was thinking Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 7770 or EVGA GF GTX 650Ti 2GB SSC Graphics Card would either of them work with the processor and motherboard
  9. Both are compatible. Infact any card would run. It depends upon your budget though. Better consider this one:
  10. thanks again...haha think im sorted now
  11. You are welcome.
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