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I have the ASRock b75 and I am considering upgrading my bios, I am several versions out of that but I am wary of flashing, My bios is currently 1.40 and are there things I need to consider before updating
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  1. Do you need it updating? If not ignore it for now until they release something that apply to you.
  2. It has updated CPU code but could you check it for me and see if it is worth it
  3. Updating the CPU code might not affect you in any way. If your computer runs normal and you have not noticed a problem I would certainly not upgrade it.

    I personally would leave it until/unless an update applies to you or a problem you notice. You may also run into other issues if you upgrade it and it is a lot more hassle than it's worth.

    Let me know your decision either way
  4. I seen a youtube video talking about how updating the BIOS and how it improved game performance by a considerably amount. Considering my CPU is a bit lack luster (i5 3330) I was hoping to get the performance increase that the guy in the video got especially because it is a CPU intensive game. What problems could pop up that would be a hassle to deal with?
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    I would not update it unless a new feature or fix has been released in the updated version that directly affects you. However, most updates go over pretty smoothly nowadays. Go ahead and update it if you want to. Main hassles normally come out in the form of hardware or driver issues. Slow boots times, updated product compatibility, enhances features, etc are normally fixes that are done.

    If you feel the need to update then go ahead. Make sure to grab an older version of the BIOS if you can in case you want to rollback if you experience any issues.
  6. WARNING!!!!!

  7. Thanks for the help lads I'll leave it alone unless anything significant pops up.
  8. When you upgrade your motherboard in the future, dual BIOS could be a feature that you could look into if you like to play around with different BIOS. My Z87 Mpower from MSI has the feature and it is great. I can have a stable known working BIOS on one and use the other to flash to a new version to see if it works correctly.
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