how do I replace the thermal compound

Hi I am trying to replace the thermal compound on my sapphire toxic r9 280x and I can not figure out any way to take off the heatsink. Does anybody know how to do this?
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    You must unscrew it from the back. Why are you replacing the paste on a new card?
  2. Because I heard that the manufactures do a awful job with the thermal paste and to lower my temps
  3. Honestly, it will not help. The paste on your card is fine. I promise.
  4. tiny voices said:
    Honestly, it will not help. The paste on your card is fine. I promise.

    I don't think so.. using a good Arctic Silver 5 or something that's a good thermal paste will actually improve temps..

    maybe this thread here will help..

    However, I suggest against it as it might void your warranty and the results may not be what you think it is in real world as very few people did it and it might be dangerous also..

    Anyways, if you are doing it, make sure you use a isopropyl alcohol and use a cotton swab to clean the thermal paste off the surface.. you can try using the 'pea' method as it will leave little or no air gaps.. air is not a good conductor of heat..

    Do post your results.. it will help someone i'm sure.. :)
  5. I have re-pasted plenty of cards before and temps have changed as little as 1c on newer cards.
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