First build upgrade GPU/CASE/PSU

I currently have this case as it was cheap and I was on a budget. I have 4 fans fitted and it houses all my components.

I've settled on upgrading components from a CIT 650W PSU and Asus GTX 550ti to an XFX 750W PSU and an Asus GTX 770. However I've measured the space in my current case and I don't think the 770 it will fit as I have about 10.5 inches of space and it requires 10.7. I could remove the hard drive cage and house 2 of them in brackets in the 5.25 inch bays. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this? Currently my cable management is pretty poor due to there not being space in the current case to route cables behind the other panel. So removing the HDD cage and fitting the longer card would mean pushing the cables deeper into the HDD cage recess. Any advice on this?

I have 1 SSD and 3 HDD.

I am tempted to get a nicer looking and more functional case. Looking at the NZXT Phantom 410 possibly (I think they look great and have good reviews) though I would need to fit 2 HDDs in 5.25 brackets on that case too. However they do have much better cable management.

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    the link u have provided is not showing your either remove the hdd cage or buy the nzxt phantom 410 great and awesome looking case comes with 2x 120 mm fans and 1x 140mm fans and a mini fan controller which i think supports upto 6 or 7 fans ...
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