Is it worth getting an SSD for my system?

Hey everyone, I'm new to PC gaming and building and I've heard a lot about SSD's and how much they can improve performance and boot times.

Currently I have no problem with my start up. I run windows 8 and use my PC specifically for gaming, and my PC generally boots up in about 15-20 seconds. I'm just wondering if there was a point to getting an SSD in my case, and whether it can boost gaming performance as well.

System Specs-

(Case) - Apevia Dreamer-4
(Processer) - AMD Vishera FX(tm)-6300 six core 3.50GHz
(Motherboard) - MSI 760GM-P34 (FX) AM3+ AMD 760G + SB710 Micro ATX
(Memory) - ADATA XPG V1.0 8GB DDR3 1600MHz, 2 X 4GB
(GPU) - Nvidia GeForce GTX 760
(Hard Disk) - TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 1TB 7200 RPM
(Power Supply) - XTreme Gear 600W ATX 20+4 Pin 12V Power Supply
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    Mostly it improves performance in everyday tasks and makes your PC seem faster. It will load game levels very fast but you wont see much of a framerate boost in game.
  2. socialassassin said:
    Mostly it improves performance in everyday tasks and makes your PC seem faster. It will load game levels very fast but you wont see much of a framerate boost in game.

    I know this is out of place on this forum, but what would give me the most noticeable upgrade in terms of gaming performance? I just got the GTX 760 a couple days ago so maybe something other than a new GPU.
  3. if you think your performance is great for the detail level/resolution, then, yes. If not upgrade the other components first. like socialassassin said, it make loading the games faster, not make your games run faster.
  4. I have Windows 8.1 and a Samsung 840 Evo; boot time is about 5 seconds.
  5. It doesn't improve FPS, But makes your system overally smoother!! If you have money, get one! They rock! Cant even think of HDD for main drive now! But if your on budget or.... You don't have problem with hdd, and you are not used to ssd's so just keeep your HDD! I would recommend an ssd for games and os and apps that need ssd!

    A secondary hdd for videos music's ect, ssd is not a place to just throw your files ;)

    Heres some test i ran to give you a simple idea :

    Boot time, without any fastboot or anything on ssd but fastboot on hdd:

    Ssd : 24second according too boot racer
    Hdd: 50-40 sec with settings helping boot, eithout them is should be long! Not acuurate!

    World of warcraft : accurate! After reboot and making sure loading are done
    HDD: 6.43Sec to the login screen
    12.39 secs to load all grasses and stuff after entering my dead rogue !! .5~ to load grasses ect !
    3.20 sec to login
    5sec same !! Grasses took les than 100ms !!!
    HDD re opening :
    4.98 - again 4.60
    6.20 again - 5.40
    Ssd reopening:
    3.25 to login 3.29 again
    3.85 to char and 3.85 again

    Alt tab:
    Both 2.80

    Diffrence i noticed :

    Qt creator and eclipse load like 2seconds faster in my eyes!

    No lag beetween changing and viewing chars in wow,

    Windows+w or q loads instantly (almost) on hdd it took LONG

    Calculator opens instantly conpared to hdds UPTO 4seconds !!! Device manager no longer takes horribly long to open, TF2's first startup is likr 5 second quicker at max, but after that loadings ect are exactly the same, not worth having it on ssd, btw my net is superslow!

    Wallpaper loads faster when booting, dual boot is not a huge problem now !!! Ubuntu also is also faster now !!

    For laptop's ( i have pc) the ssd looks like a small cloud ! Compared to HDD(That looks like tank ! I like the heavy and big feeling of HDD! Unless i have a laptop :) HDD feels amazing)

    Totaly apps open faster but not all, many of thrm dont! Like arduino ide, sublime, winrar, idm, ect!

    I update this if i can remember anything else ;) also will fix

    Sorry if it looks bad, im on phone !!!
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