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I'm looking to upgrade my stock CPU fan to an Aftermarket one. Not really planning on overclocking it in the near future but maybe down the line I will. My current cpu is an Amd Athlon x4 760k. I also have 8gb RAM and a R9 270 2bg 256bit. My case (and mobo) is Micro-Atx. Case is Rosewill fbm-01.

My price range is about $20-30

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  1. Cooler Master Hyper 212
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    Chances are the 212 will be too tall for that case.

    You may be able to fit something like the Freezer 7 pro(17 dollars at Please list your board because the cooler has limited mounting options

    The TX3 from cooler master may fit as well.

    Also most top down coolers will fit as well.
  3. My mobo is an ASRock FM2A55M-VG3+.
  4. Ok with that board the cpu cooler brackets are top and bottom. So you would have the fan facing up or down. This may not be ideal, but could still work. The Cooler Master TX3 would fit in any direction, but you would have to be sure you have the required 140mm of height in the case.

    Something like the Hyper 212 would be idea, but at 160mm tall, I do not think it fits your case.
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