what should I expect when changing a mother board

So im going to be changing my mother board. What are the steps that will be ask of me to do this? Do I need to reinstall my OS? Would all the memory on my hdd be erase? Or is it as simply as changing a GPU?
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  1. It will most likely be a troublesome process. A solid, thorough route would be to:

    1. Back up any data; if you cannot back it all up, there's still hope
    2. Do the hardware replacement (I'm not going to list all that, since I'm assuming you know how)
    3. Reinstall the OS, and a "windows.old" file should be created, including all your old docs, downloads, pics, programsx86, programs, etc.
    4. Install the new drivers, and once you're done taking things out of windows.old, or from your backup, delete windows.old

    All set! That's what I did last week.
  2. What OS and old mobo, new mobo? Could be easier than above
  3. what hapeen with me was the OS i bought is good for 3times. youll boot just fine but then it will ask for the code, so contact mircosoft and they will give the code to you. ive done it twice now
  4. well i still have my os cd and the box with the code in it. so my main question is if i was to install everything that was on my old MOB to my new one MOB would i still be able to get to windows? or do i have to start over again from the very beginning?
  5. you should boot to the desktop like allways then it will ask for your code, or call them its super easy no need to reinstall anything
  6. what mobo are you switching to
  7. well i currently have the asus rampage iv extreme and i'm swithching it to the asus rampage iv black edition, mainly because i can't seem to run my sli on the other mob. i have tried everything to run SLI and my computer just won't turn on. i plug 1 GPU in it works fine i plug a second one in now my computer won't turn on i take the second one off and now it wont start even with the single GPU. i take the other GPU out and replace it with my second GPU and now it all works again. its a weird condition.
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    IF it's Windows 7 chances are good no need to reinstall the OS, just put the HD in the new build and start it up....if it starts (about 9 times out of 10 it will), you then need to load all the drivers for the new mobo, run a gegistry cleaner (Wise has a good free one) and will prob have to reactivate Windows
  9. nice thank you guys i'm going to start now. and it is windows 7
  10. Make sure you back up all your data files first, just in case ;)
  11. how do i back it up? i never back up anything ever.
  12. what i mean is what is the important thing to back up? photos videos?
  13. Prob the easiest would be to back up the folders under your user ID - i.e. my pictures, My Documents all that, of if you have a big enough spare drive or open space, just back up the entire drive ;)
  14. i will probably back up just picture and video as most of my games are with steam. what else should i buck up?
  15. just any games that you dont have the disk for everything is os, unless you have any other software you want to back up your pretty much set
  16. That's prob about it, if it doesn't work all software is going to have to be reinstalled anyway, and a app/program/game that's installed won't do you any good in the installed version, as the registry ties are all lost when you install Win anew
  17. i'm not worry about the games i can always replay it and its on steam most of them
  18. so an update change the Mob from asus rampage iv extreme to asus rampage iv black edition and it works. also i didn't have to install window 7 again i just needed to activate my OS by entering the code. so my conclusion with the other board is it wasnt getting enough power because i was able to run a single GPU on all the slot with no issue but as soon as i add a second card the my comp won't turn on and even i remove the second GPU my first one will not work again until i re install the GPU.

    so BAD MoB
  19. Well glad to hear all went well and you are up and running, have fun !
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