Will this computer build run new games at ultra

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  1. Yes, ultra 30fps+.
  2. Thanks (:
  3. Benchmark searches work wonders my friend. Here enjoy a free link courtesy of Tom's,3542.html
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    Ditch the 310$ GTX 760 and get a R9 280x or GTX 770. The GTX 770 2gb will be faster than the 4GB GTX 760 all day long.

    I think you want the Supernova G2 PSU because it's better. Either that or go for XFX / Seasonic.

    Otherwise your build is fine. Will it run ultra? It will run high/ultra on alot of games. It won't run crysis 3 with settings maxxed out if that's what you are asking. The GTX 770 will give you ultra on most games, but again, it won't max crysis with 16x AF etc etc.
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