Need help with PSU/GPU

Hey TH, I need your help once again.

I'm thinking of buying a Radeon HD R7 250.

Seeing as I have a generic PSU, I need your help knowing if it will be able to supply enough power.

Here are my specs:

Athlon II x2 250
M2N68-AM SE Mobo.
Integrated GPU (Planning to get a R7 240/250 while I'm in the city)
Eurocase CL-500 PSU (I know it's shitty, but power supplies in here are EXPENSIVE)
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  1. "I know it's shitty, but power supplies in here are EXPENSIVE" what would be cheaper a good power supply or a new computer? Cheap power supplies can literally kill an entire system when they fail.
  2. Any good quality 450w power supply will do. My favorite brands are corsair, xfx, seasonic, and EVGA. Those are not the only ones, but just the ones I have used.
  3. Actually, a new computer. My whole system cost me about 100$ (RAM, CPU, MOBO). That's the minimum price for a 500W PSU in here. But I would like it if you stuck to the question.
  4. I know my PSU has between 16/18A on the 12V rail, does that help?
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    That should be enough to run an 250, but it's cutting it close. 250 eats 150 watts on load and the rest of your system isn't going to eat the remaining wattage your power supply can deliver in my estimation.
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