Where to sell an RCA CED player/discs?

I'm in Moscow (ID). A friend has asked if I might help her sell a player w/ about 80 discs that she 'inherited' after her dad died recently. I barely recall the things, let alone know much about them. Is there a collector's club or any particular shop that handles these? I'd really rather not try to ebay them due to shipping concerns. Any input would be most appreciated.
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  1. You could try craigslist as well.

    There is a commercial company that takes donation, or buys here:


    Here is also a listing of laser disc exchanges.

  2. Wonderful information! Thanks for the quick reply; it's very much appreciated. I kinda didn't know what I was getting myself into when I volunteered to help her with this. :ouch:
  3. Sure thing, you can probably sell them more quickly and easier as a package deal. If you're patient, you will almost certainly get more money selling them individually.
  4. I did get that impression when looking on ebay. Most lots, especially w/ players, don't seem to sell well at all. One person on the forums there said to never ship them lying flat, and if that's true (or even if it isn't) the shipping would be a nightmare. It's not like throwing a dvd into a padded envelope. I should think they're quite breakable/damageable?
  5. Yes, you need to ship them in an actual box. Depending on the collection/condition, you want to follow the same rules as shipping a valuble LP. The guidelines are very similar. The Discs themselves are fairly brittle, and unless they're packed with care, they can easily crack, or shatter. Always insure them on shipment. best of luck!

    Here's what a very simple google search turned up.

  6. I figured I'd have to do some research before attempting to ship them. Thanks for the wealth of information, and for your time and kindness in replying as well. All are appreciated!
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