Is it ok to turn off dropped 2tb hdd that won't show up

Hi I just dropped my 2 TB HDD that has super important stuff on it. It now says disc not readable by this computer! I really need to know where or how i get this fixed. Any ideas are wanted. I have a 2 TB WD Ext HDD 1021 Media Drive. Can it just erase the entire drive just by dropping it!!
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  1. it won't have erased the drive, some parts of the discs and hence the data may be damaged, but most likely the circuits or mechanisms for reading the discs are damaged. There are specialists which can recover data for $$$$
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    You may be able to recover the data from the hard drive, but it can be costly. Not nearly as costly as it was just a few years ago but costly nonetheless.
    Western Digital has a list of recovery experts.
    Click on your location at the bottom to get a list of data recovery experts. You can call / email them to get a general idea of what it may cost. Tell them how the drive was damaged to give them a better idea. Some may or may not give you estimate. Some data recovery experts have general pricing on their websites.
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    Since your external drive has been dropped, the hard drive might have possibly suffered an internal mechanical failure, probably the read/write heads due to the drop impact. If you don't have back ups of your data then probably your best chances of to retrieve your important stuff from that drive is a reputable data recovery service facility.
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