SYSTEM.exe virus Help to remove PLease

Good day, i been having this problem for a while. This process is taking up alot of cpu usage and is not being seen as a virus.
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  1. I've seen several people with this same program eating their CPU up, I think someone said it was a crypto mining program. What have you used to try and remove it?
  2. I used Malwarebytes, but it showed no signs of having any virus and superantispyware.. both did not help. even if i end the process on resource monitor.. it pops up again.
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    It probably pops up again because it's a service. You can check by typing 'tasklist /svc' then having a look for it, stopping the service in service manager, and deleting the exe file. Failing that a quick trip to safe mode and deleting it will also work unless it has many copies to rely on, you'll need to find them all.
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