How to watch basic cable over triple monitor display (need help)

I have a triple monitor set up, with 3 HD-able cords going from my three monitors to my PC. I am in the process of figuring out how to use splitters and switches to keep my ability to game across 3 TVs and switch to my DVR box when I want to watch TV.

I'll be updating as I make progress. Sorry if this thread already exists. Any help would appreciated.

Thank you.


I found that I can use this, which uses windows media player to pause, rewind, and record the signal I'm getting from my cable provider:

That particular model is a PCI-Express card that will allow me to record two shows at once, it has a built in IR blaster with a windows media center remote control.. total wicked.

I'm still not sure if my cable company will allow this or not, so I'm having them come over and discuss it with me tomorrow morning for free :)

I'm also not aware if this will reduce my capabilities to watching basic cable or not, as my cable providers box is needed to get the extra content I have with my particular package.

Again, any help with this matter would be appreciated. I'll be updating you all tomorrow with progress.


I had a lengthy talk with the support team for my cable provider. Here is what was said(scroll down to the next bold font, to skip the conversation, and read the conclusions I made from it):

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Thank you for contacting _______. My name is Rey. At the end of this chat you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on my performance. How may I assist you?

You: Awesome, I have an HD DVR Box from you guys and I need to know how I can use a PCI-E Tv tuner card to get the full experience through to my multiple monitor set up.

You: Since everything went digital as of July ####, I know I need to us the box and I can not just hook the cable line straight into my PC. I need to know how I can use the cable line provided to hook up to my cable box and then to my PC

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Thank you for using TV service. Let me pull up the account to better assist you, Mr. Kelley.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Can you please provide me your complete home address of the account?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Thank you.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Are you trying to hook up your cable box to your computer, Mr. Broc?

You: The only way to watch the cable I purchased over 3 screens is to hook a PCI-E card to the motherboard of my PC. It sounds complicated, but really all it is doing is allowing the cable box provided to communicate with my PC in order to get the services I'm paying for.

You: I see that on the back of the box there is a 'cable out' female jack labeled 'RF Out', does that line out provide the same services as the the line in female jack labeled 'Cable In'?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Thank you. Yes. It is very complicated. I am done checking the account and it shows that you are already using a cable box. You will be getting all the channels you have on your account. If you are trying to connect your cable box to your PC, I am sorry to inform you but it is not possible, Mr. Broc.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: If you are using a tuning adapter, you need a cable card from ____ in order to get the channel.

You: How do I get a cable card?

You: Go ahead.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: You can get the cable card at the local office, however, if you get the cable card on, you will be provided with a tuning adapter as well.

You: Does this cost me any money? I was told my installation would all be free?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: The Tuning adapter is free but the cable card is $2.

You: Is there any way you can set this up? I have a person from _____ coming to my house in the morning.

You: What exactly is the tuning adapter? and Does it allow me to get all my features through my PC? Or is it just basic cable?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: No. You can get the cable card at the local office. May I know if you have slot for cable card on your PC?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Since you already have appointment for technician visit in your place, it would be best that you ask for opinion of the technician regarding connecting the cable box to your PC.

You: that's why I need to know exactly what it is. I have a particularly advanced motherboard, so I'd have to assume that I have a slot for a cable card. I have an Asrock 990fx Extreme9.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: I am sure that we don't have option to connect a cable box to a PC.

You: Before we finish I would like to know what form factor the card is? Is it a PCI card, a PCI-E card, PCI-Ex4 card?

You: If you don't know that is completely fine, but if there is a link to where the card is I would appreciate it if you could give me the URL to it.

You: Also, I've made appointments through online chats before. Can you mention to the person coming that I need this card?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: We are using PCI card. However, we cannot guarantee if it will work on your device or on your PC because of compatibility issue.

You: I know. I don't need you to give me a guarantee, I know what will and what will not work on my system that's why I bought it.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: You can only get the cable card at the local office because we need to register the cable card on your account. We also need the host ID for the cable card.

You: I asked this same thing to the man that came today to hook up all of my stuff, and he said he couldn't help me. So, I believe you are my man, you are the one going to help me through this. You and him, the guy that messed up my previous installation, are the only two people I can talk to because the phone support for _____is rudimentary.

You: I will call my local office as early as I can, but it would work best for me if you could personally send them a message. Is it within the scope of your duties to do so, or are you here only for online support?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: I understand that you wanted to have connection on your TV to your PC, however, it is beyond our scope of support since we don't have knowledge on the device that you have. We can only provide the cable card and tuning adapter if you are using a TIvo box. Since you are using a PC to get the TV service, it is already out of scope, Mr. Kelley.

You: My only concern is that they will come to my house without the proper equipment tomorrow morning, for the second time.

You: If all the card is, is a PCI card then I have the necessary equipment to read and interpret the data, that equipment is already in my possession. The worst thing that could happen is them sending out the PCI card when the man comes and have it not work.

You: All I need from you is to let me know if you can contact my local business via email, or however you may or may not communicate with _____ branches; if you can, I would like you to send an addendum to the order I previously made to include a card and any other equipment necessary for this to work. If you can do that I can worry about everything else.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Don't worry, our technician will do the installation. I will be placing notes on the account regarding the cable card and tuning adapter. I will add the cable card on the order.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Can I have a minute or two to check if I can add cable card ?

You: Of course, I just need to know if the final price for this is $2? Or do they have to install it for a $40 installation fee? Also, since I'm getting my installation for free tomorrow morning, i'd like to know if this will be included in that free charge? With the exception of the $2 adapter, of course.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Yes. The price of cable card is $2 a month. You may ask the technician to install it for you.

You: Awesome, is everything set up for tomorrow then?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Yes. That is correct. I advise that you inform the technician what to do regarding the cable card and the PC.

You: yeah I'll make sure they don't mess everything up again. haha.

You: Thank you for your help.

You: Can you tell me what time they are scheduled to come tomorrow?

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Your appointment is July 23 between 8AM to 10AM.

Customer Representative [Reynaldo]: Would there be anything else that I could assist you with?

You: No. thank you.


I don't know what you get from that, but I get that they will not be liable for anything that happens to my PC, and the installation man probably won't even install the custom Tv tuner card for me. I am completely ok with this. It seems like I will have to pay $2/month for this however, but it is one of the only official ways of doing this that I have found. With the product I mentioned before, I would most likely only get basic cable, but with this it would appear I will get 100% parity between TV and PC, hopefully. If not, I will be buying the custom TV tuner.

I will update you all tomorrow after they show up. Hopefully everything goes well.
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  1. Connect your set top box with hdmi to one of your monitor (assuming has speakers) and connect same monitor to PC with dvi-d just select from monitor menus which input you want
  2. nagash said:
    Connect your set top box with hdmi to one of your monitor (assuming has speakers) and connect same monitor to PC with dvi-d just select from monitor menus which input you want

    I have 3 40 inch monitors in portrait, which means they are flipped on their sides, so using only one monitor would not work.

    This can, however, be used for anyone who is using multiple displays with a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio.
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