Intel turbo boost not working

I have intel i5 4570 core and asus b85m-e motherboard.
I have turbo mode in cpu power managment enabled . Eist enabled. In boot performence mode i have turbo performence selected.
Though at 100% utilization it still has 3.17 ghz speed. And max speed is 3.2 in task manager. Nowhere near 3.6
Temperature is always under 60 celsius
What could be wrong ? Any settings i must change?
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  1. Have you changed Vcore at all? That can stop Boost working.

    Go into bios and do a reset.
  2. what are you using to read that core speed?
  3. Cpu core voltage is 0.985V auto. Should i change it? I used windows 8.1 task manager
  4. I don't use windows 8, my self. Does it's task manager give you a real time read out of core frequency ? no other task manager ever has.

    CPU-Z is the standard tool tool for monitoring this stuff.
  5. You should be able to read it from bios/uefi.
  6. Lee-m it seems so.
    I7baby i haven't changed vcore settings. Cpu core voltage is set on auto
    So i changed system performence to asus optimal from normal in easy bios . It runs at 3.39 now and temperature went to 65. Any ideas how to get it to 3.6 ?
  7. Go into bios and do a reset.
  8. I am in bios. Reset of what and why?

    And should i leave eist on, can it lower boost speed?
  9. Rest your bios - it goes back to default values. Read your mobo manual.
  10. This are settings that came with default because of this i don't think resetting would do any good.
  11. Just try it. If it won't reset, then you need to get another motherboard.
  12. Did reset. Now its back to 3.2 from 3.4 . What's next?
    I'm asking what settings might need change to support higher speed and should all cores be able to run at 3.6 at the same time, is that how turbo boost works?

    P.s. i want to try changing settings so that i know if somethings wrong for sure and then exchange it with warranty
  13. It'll run at 3.2 till you load it. That's when it will boost itself to 3.6GHz.

    Download and try the Intel Test - - to check it.
  14. I'm using prime95 now to check stability. Speed is around 3.4- 3.5 . Temp under 65
    Is it ok or is something defective?
  15. Thats good.
    3.6 is the single core turbo boost, 3.5 for 3 cores and 3.4 for 4 cores. So it's normal you don't see the 3.6 under full load of all cores.
  16. Best answer
    65C is OK. Don't push it too long. Stop and let it cool down after the temp settles down - 10 mins Prime 95 will do.

    Prime only tests a few cores at a time. You should use the Intel Test.
  17. Can't click "i accept terms ... " in intel test download page. What to do?
  18. You don't need it now. You've seen the cpu boost when using Prime95.
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