Better headphones than the Kingston HyperX Cloud?

I can't seem to find a lot of information that contains comparisons with the HyperX Cloud headset, so I might as well just ask.

Has anyone compared the HyperX Cloud with some High sound quality Studio Headphones (NOT HEADSET) at about the same price range?

Reason why I'm asking this, is because I have no need of a mic (At all) But I am a gamer. But just as much as I am a gamer, I'm a music listener (Well who isnt? duh)

So should I buy the Kingston HyperX Cloud even tho I don't need the Mic?
I hate headsets, I would like to have some professional Studio Headphones. Does this headset has the same or better sound quality then even Headphones do?

I'm not very much of an audiophile... I only have my on-board sound card and I never owned a pair of expensive 200 Euro/Dollar Headphones. But I still would like to have the best sound quality I can get from my onboard sound card. I won't be buying any Amp/ Dac or a dedicated sound card.

In most reviews I watch/read I just see them saying "Its the best headset for the price you can get" My only problem is the "HEADSET" part... do they mean headphones too? That's why I'm asking if I should get these.

Sorry if this post was too long but I really want some help on finding out if these are the best sound quality I can get for the price, doesn't matter if its a headset or headphones I only care about the sound quality, and like some say, "Any Headphones will crush a headset in the same price range" but I'm thinking that this Headset might be the one headset which is truly better then professional headphones themselves.

Any headphones better then the HyperX Cloud Headset at the same price range?

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I've heard that the Kingston HyperX cloud are fantastic for gaming but what about music? Can they be compared with some high quality headphones?

I'm using my Gigabyte H87M-D3H onboard sound (Realtek ALC892 codec) will they sound great for music?
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  1. Sad that there's no answers... Can a moderator please delete this thread?
  2. Tail_TL,

    please do not create multiple threads for the same basic question or bump threads. all this serves to do is clog up the forum.

    do realize that depending on the question asked it could take some time for a user to come around with experience enough to answer. our members operate on different time zones all over the world and also may not check in every day. a little patience is required.

    your question is also very specific and hard to answer unless anyone has specifically used the cloudX headset and compared it with other headphones. perhaps you have not received any answers because you were this specific. instead if you would have asked for other headphone/headset recommendations in the price range instead of a direct comparision you might have received more comments.


    the cloud headset retails for about $80 which is a little on the low side when it comes to studio style headphones. of course there are a few options for around that price.. but the ones i will list are a bit above.

    for about $100 you can get the well known audiotechnica ath-m50 studio headphones. for the price they are very hard to beat for audio quality. they have boomy bass without too much distortion on the highs. the only negative is the very small soundstage while many people prefer large soundstages for gaming. i personally own a pair and while not great for gaming, they can certainly be used. sound quality is also quite excellent and build quality is top notch for the price.

    also in the $100 price range is the audiotechnica ad700 or, for a bit more the new improved 700x. it has a huge soundstage making it perfect for gaming. it has clear highs however like many open headphone designs it lacks a good bass presence. if you are okay with limited bass response then this may make a good choice.

    for a bit more than the $100 mark you could land a pair of hd558's which compare favorably to the legendary hd598 considering the price. they are more boomy in the low end than the 598 and lack a bit of the clarity, quality and soundstage but otherwise are compareable.

    you may also want to look at this thread for some more choices or perhaps even


    to answer some of your questions or elaborate further...

    "but I'm thinking that this Headset might be the one headset which is truly better then professional headphones themselves."
    for the low price of $80 perhaps but if you consider headphones in the $100 range which compete with it then no, i doubt that it is best in class. however, keep in mind that this is subjective since we all value audio differently and different products may sound good to us.

    "My only problem is the "HEADSET" part... "
    looking at the offical website... it looks like they have a removeable microphone which means you can use them as a pair of headphones not just a headset.

    "I won't be buying any Amp/ Dac or a dedicated sound card."
    this is fine since i generally would say that using onboard sound is not a bad option provided you arent experiencing any trouble with it. one thing to note however is that many of the gaming headsets out there (the usb ones) have soundcards in them which bypass your onboard sound. this means that if you have bad onboard sound that you can bypass it without needing to get a soundcard. however, on the flip side using 3.5mm connections such as the cloudX has or other headphones have you will need to use your onboard sound, soundcard or a dac/amp. this means that if you have any issues with your onboard sound such as crackling, buzzing, etcetera the only way to get around it would be to get a soundcard. however if you have none of these issues then you will be fine. another good thing about using 3.5mm is that in the future if you ever wanted to upgrade to a soundcard you can, and will improve the quality of your audio along with it. if you were using a usb headset its quality level is set in stone.
  3. Sorry for being so impatient about this. But this topic is a little bit frustrating for me since I was asking/searching for headphones for a few months now. And I can't really decide on which headphones to go for.
    Thats why I thought I would make a new post which is more simple and ask for this thread to be deleted. (That way I would be more likely to get answers.)
    My current headphones are horribly uncomfortable, they broke so now there is a metal piece pushing up against my head so its a bit on my nerves.
    And as you said, headphones are mostly a personal preference. I'm not that experienced with headphones since I didn't have a whole lot of them to understand the differences very well,

    Also I would like to get headphones from my country. and thats one of the problems, Most of the headphones are quite expensive here. I.e the ATH-m50's cost around 200 Euro's same goes for the hd 558's.

    I never owned a pair of 100 Euro worth headphones, most expensive headphones I had were about 70-80 Euro max
    I would like to have open back headphones like the HD 558's would be perfect for me if it wasn't for the price.

    I'm basically quite lost in this topic.
    The headphones you listed are all the ones that I have already considered and checked out, I did a lot of research on and was trying to find some headphones but ended up finding only headphones that were out of my budget, thats why I started asking it here.

    I wan't to know if there is any headphones that are open-back with great sound quality and are under 100 Euro's? Or is it that there is none?

    One of the biggest websites in my country is this:
    Its also the one which has the most headphones to choose from.
  4. The Grado SR60i (or the newer SR60e) are highly thought of and sell in the US for $79pr. If you can find a dealer near you I can recommend them very highly.
  5. americanaudiophile said:
    The Grado SR60i (or the newer SR60e) are highly thought of and sell in the US for $79pr. If you can find a dealer near you I can recommend them very highly.

    Damn it. I forgot to say that I would like over-ear type headphones as well. Sorry, but thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Alright, if anyone stumbles upon this thread and is using the HyperX cloud headset, can you tell me how are they for music? Are they good? And what type of music are you listening too? Are you satisfied with the quality of music with this headset?
  7. your original post says nothing about your country of origin and does not list a website we are to select from so you really cannot get upset if my suggestions cost more in your country or are unavailable.

    now that we do know, using that website....

    i found two decent selections for around 80-90 euro but sorry they are not open design.

    pioneer se a1000 78.80euro [click here]
    review on that product [click here]
    audiotechnica ath-t500 89.30euro [click here]
    review on that product [click here]

    i did find one open design which looks promising though...

    beyerdynamic dtx 910 69.80euro [click here]
    review on that product [click here]

    this is one persons opinion on the hyper x cloud with music [click here] it was listed as good for gaming however the lack of good bass and lack of good highs made them not so good for music in the authors opinion.
  8. I quite like the ath-t500's
    I wish i could somehow compare the HyperX with these.
    So at the moment, I'm still trying to figure out between
    If the music on the HyperX sound great for it's price, I'm fine if its not the "best" but if its still ear-candy while listening to good music I might as well go for the HyperX, since I like how they look + they look so damn comfortable.

    I couldn't of find a whole lot of reviews on the ATH-T500's
    But their specs are quite similar the T500's have 10-25khz but the hyperX has 15-25khz... So the wider the frequency the better right?

    Also the HyperX has 60ohms but the T500's have 40ohms, is more ohms better for sound quality?
  9. The Kingston's are just re-branded Qpad QH-90's. You might just as well buy the Qpad.
  10. The Qpad costs exactly the same if not more as the Kingston HyperX. I don't see a reason why should I buy the Qpad, + I like how the kingston's look with the Red and Black.
  11. Considering that Kingston is buying the headset from Qpad, Kingston has to make a profit so I'm assuming the Kingston are lower quality.

    Fashion over function is never a good choice when it comes to audio,
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