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I'm looking into buying a Pioneer DVL-909 Laserdisc player. In the description the seller says that S-video is for laserdiscs and Component connections are for DVDs. Is this true? If i have the player connected with only component cables I wont get a picture while playing a laserdisc? Thanks for your help.

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  1. component cables will work for both, s video will work too.
  2. The component outputs on the LD/DVD combo players will only output analog laserdisc video in black and white! In fact, if you have it hooked up via component and spin up a laserdisc it will display an onscreen message to let you know you're using the component output. I don't know how hard it would've been to include conversion circuitry to do this correctly as I have a D-VHS player which outputs regular VHS tapes in color through the component outs, but that's how this works.

    BTW on modern HDTVs, laserdiscs look awful when using the S-Video outputs on a player- the regular video out jacks look much better. Don't ask me why, but it does.
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