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Hello, after i thought about it, i had a question... i have a m5a99x evo r2.0 with bios 1530 (i think) and the max update is 2006 (i think).
Now, i'm trying to install Windows 7 with USB or with DVD reader, but when i see "insert proper media and ,...." it doesn't run the installation of Windows 7. Should i Update Bios ? Or it's just a problem of conpatibility ? I have another pc and nothing happens also there... What Should i Do to install Windows 7 ?
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  1. Are you using a USB 3 port/stick ?

    In order to use USB 3 as a Windows installer media you need it to have included driver support or it won't be able to install the OS(which is only achieveable if you have specialized software to modify the boot sequence/packages of Windows 7 - RT Se7en Lite or something else). It also needs to be partioned correctly with a Primary Active Partition, in FAT32 or exFAT.

    Is your DVD a legitimate copy ? Did you burn the image properly or did you just copy/pasted the iso ?

    You might have a bad Win7 image, get it off Microsoft's Website, here's the the one for Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit :

    Make sure you select the proper OS version, 32 or 64 bits.
    (You most likely need the 64 bits version considering the mobo you mentioned).
    You shouldn't need to update the BIOS.

    Here's a tutorial for creating a USB stick Windows 7 installer:

    Here's a tutorial for creating a DVD Windows 7 installer :
  2. It's nothing to do with needing a BIOS update or compatibility, your PC is not booting from the installation device.

    Set your pen drive (or DVD drive as appropriate) as the first boot device in BIOS Setup, then save & exit the BIOS (F10).
  3. I set it to the first boot priority! But it just doesn't Boot! I used a usb 3.0 for first time but after i used 2.0 .. so what should i do ? I used wintoflash to create the flash windows ... It's not good. What the hell should i Do ?
  4. that usb windows thing gets a lot of threads here and is something I would not do as long as the disk is for sale like at newegg .. all I can say is go to Microsoft and read the usb install steps on this and be sure you did it just as they say some older boards cant use usb until the os is installed like you need a keyboard with a ps/2 plug to get things started ..

    your board claims to support xp-vista-7- 8-and 8.1 and did not see a bios update that shows a change in that from first release

    but having windows on it store bought disk is the most cut and dry way to go

    good luck
  5. My friend has the disk.. it doesn't work anyway :(. Should i follow steps of windows website and use their tool ?
  6. Yes...
    Here's a tutorial for creating a USB stick Windows 7 installer:

    Here's a tutorial for creating a DVD Windows 7 installer :
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    also recheck your manual and be sure your drives are plugged in and set up right your harddrive must be in sata port 1 put your optical drive on the ASMedia controller set the sata to achi or ide and as said above make first boot device and see where it goes from there

    as far as the usb thing your on your own with that and check microsofts usb compatibility page I guess they want you to use certain pen drives for this [??]

    look through these threads for the solved ones to see if they may help
  8. Ok all solved... thanks as always tom's hardware guys :)))))))))))

    I hope in a future there will be tom's girls :)
  9. ''I hope in a future there will be tom's girls :) ''

    did not know theres not ?? are girls banned from toms??

    anyway what was the fix??
  10. AHAHA a site apart of this :)

    My friend had the disk and he went to his mother's friend and tack.. done!!
    I said me that he won't able to do that... i said him that i should go to him house today... but at the end i couldnt :)
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