can you do magic? build me a rig within $300 so i can play dota 2 and some games within low settings playable fps

my budget is $300-$320
ill use it for surfing, watching movie
and of course games
i play
dota 2
cod (any)
portal 2
assasins creed 3/4
farcry 3
it can be at low/recommend settings but in playable fps

i think amd apu family will be the best, isnt it ? but if intel will could . lets see from gurus here
anything suggestion is welcome
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  1. For that kind of money you would be really foolish to try and use new parts. Six months ago you could have gotten some really good used stuff that would give you a good system but that market is quickly drying up. I am in the process of building a Dell Precision T7500 from parts. It will have a quad core cpu equivalent to a first gen i7 and 12gb of ram. I am having difficulty finding a video card for it right now as the market is getting very tough for used graphics cards. But I will end up with an equivalent to a first gen i7, 12gb ddr3 ram and a Radeon HD 5850 or better for under $250. But get your stuff quick, like I said in the last FEW MONTHS the prices have been going crazy especially on graphics cards. (It is because of the ram price increases which are in retaliation to the anti-trust suit of several years ago.) Google ram antitrust and you can read about it.
  2. At $300 with no parts already, it cant be done unless you dont mind the psu or other components dieing in a year.
    $70 for crappy apu, $50 for crappy mobo, $40 4GB ram, $50 hard drive, $15 cd drive, $40 for psu that wont kill all of your other parts, $30 case and $90 windows disk = $385
  3. sorry guys its for my cousin's rig he saved money for just 7mnths he is just an below average earner he cant afford more than $300

    i just wanna help him to build his
  4. incase you think its mine i have g2030 gt 630 rig and im planning to sell it and build a rig i5 worth $850
  5. Well I would strongly advise your cousin to save up more money, like $550-600.

    I was broke throughout most of college and I understand money being tight, I also understand being that age and wating the world right now.

    The bottom line is with his budget he could only a build a very very low end pc that he wll be very displeased with, might not last very long and has very very limited upgrade potential. The APU platform gives you the best bang for buck now, but quickly bottlenecks any kind of upgrade you put in it, and the end result is that you have to replace more parts just to be able to upgrade to get 20% increase so in the long run going cheap costs more money.

    If he really wants a computer right now I would look at trying to find a used tower. There is not too big of a difference between a new core i5/i7 and the sandy bridge ones two generations and 3 years ago (original = three digit model number, sandy bridge = 2000 model number, ivy bridge 3000 model number and haswell = 4000 model number).

    If you find any tower that looks like a good prospect then feel free to post it up and we can tell you if it worth the money or not. Used Amd Phenom computers would also be a decent used platform for his needs.
  6. thats what i told to him theres a used bestsale rig worth of $350
    CPU= i3 4130
    Mobo= asus h81
    Gpu= without gpu
    Ram= corsair 4gb 2x2gb
    Psu=seasonic 80+brnze modular i think
    atx= aerocool
    odd=i forgot
    os= win 7
    hsf= aerocool

    theres a bunch of games intalled
    this is bargained he can use it at the same time he save money again for best gpu. but he didnt listened to me he thinks its unreliable (he thinks it will last for a year because its 2ndhand) i want to explain more to him but i have limited background when it comes building rig i just started to study computer componets in 2weeks
  7. These were on ebay but have sold out. You can find deals like this on eBay. But as I said DONT BUY NEW STUFF. I have never spent more than $200 for an entire rig since I have been building computers. The first computer I built was a 486. I have built literally hundreds maybe thousands of computers for under $200 and I give lifetime guarantees and lifetime unlimited tech support for my stuff. But I build with a mix of new and used parts. Check out ebay. Here is a deal that was really really good. About 50 of them sold out in a few days.
    Here is the listing for the latest build I am doing for myself. I will end up with a very nice rig for a little over $200. I paid $115 for all this stuff. I have been running it and testing it, It all tests out, PS this is a T7500 not a T3500 which has much better upgrade potential.
    So the stuff is out there on eBay if you know what to look for and if you are willing to gamble on buying used equipment. I have been doing it for over 15 years.
  8. wow thats nice but we dont want shipping

    can we build a rig $400-$450 maybe he will continue to save money again, he dont want to buy used parts
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