looking for intel HD graphics 4000 driver that works?

tried intels systemslab page and searched intek only to waste 250 mb download on em.
says the diver being installed is not validated for this computer. please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer.
setup will exit.
any help?
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  1. windows 7 home premium
  2. Laptop with switchable graphics? If so you must use the drivers from the laptop manufacturer. The generic drivers from Intel/AMD/NVidia do not support switchable GPU's.
  3. nah everything points back to same but it says same thing, then box comes up saying try with dif settings but i tried that and still came back to same conclusion
  4. yep on laptop, so eg, that means try lookn on asus website or something?
  5. what did it said exactly? and like ex_bubblehead said, it is a laptop?
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    If it's an ASUS laptop, then yes, get the driver from the ASUS website. That's the only driver that will work.
  7. restarting comp think uve just made my day, may have to change pants, may have pee'd a li'l lol.
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