what is the best wired mouse and keyboard sold separately n best pc speakers


am looking to get rid of my rat 5 mouse n rat v7 keyboard n was wondering what mouse n keyboard should i go 4 ps am not a gamer am just into video related stuff, also need to get speakers

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    "The best?" At what price? There are gear at insane prices, regarded as "the best" by some for specific purposes.

    The Das Keyboard 4 sells for around $170.

    Some Cherry keybaoards are excellent, but they sell for north of $270:

    As for mice, the same applies.

    What I suggest, is first read this Razer article and decide what grip you have and then look for a mouse with that grip profile and suitable for your purposes. I get along quite well with my Anker mouse that cost $20. :)
  2. Each person has their own preferences. If there is a retail store near you, I would go there and try out the keyboards they have (if it's on display) and see which one you like. I personally like the Logitech Wave.
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