Windows 7 runs in slow motion on start up, restart solves problem

I have exactly the same problem this guy got:

I've got a GTX 660, FX-6300 and 8 GB RAM. I just can't imagine what causes this, since I got the pc to the service and they said the components are ok. What am I supposed to do? Computer runs normal after restart, but on first boot it runs extremely slow, games run in slow motion, same thing happens to YouTube videos. What can I do?

And yeah, I got the latest GPU drivers.
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  1. Weird indeed, all I can think of is that some capacitor or some component in your PSU/GPU doesn't fully charge at first boot-up, after resetting your pc it gets to charge completely thus functioning appropriately.

    I've had a somewhat similar problem with a pc where it would hang within the first 5-10min of usage, after that (and a reset ofc) it would work fine for weeks, turned out to be a problem in the PSU, after replacing it the problem went away, of course I can't assure that the problem lies in your PSU, could be in the gpu or even the motherboard. Try getting another PSU to see if that gets rid of the problem.
  2. It may be, but as I said, a few guys checked my computer and they said everything is right.. Don't know what to say.
  3. I am not sure, but it sounds like a RAM issue to me. The RAM is was keeps everything going. That actually happened to me once with my laptop. I had not used it for a while and when I cut in on, it dragged super slow. Cut it off and back on and it worked fine. It has never done that since.

    Could possibly be PSU issue also, but my gut says its the ram.
  4. Why did they said that they're all good then? Maybe they just don't want to change the components?
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  6. I've had this same problem for a few years now, as you can see from my posts in the thread you linked. It actually seems to be something a lot of people have run into, but nobody has ever definitely pinned down the root cause of the problem. Sometimes the advice offered in the numerous threads on the topic is hilariously misguided, sometimes reasonable, but never seems to connect all the dots.

    I just swapped the video card and the hard drive and power supply in this machine and did a clean windows install, and the random intermittent slo-mo still happens. You can generally just reboot until the problem goes away, and it's not consistent enough to properly troubleshoot, which is why I think in most cases it never gets resolved. It's not a showstopper, just a bloody nuisance.

    I would love to figure out what it is though.
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