Ps4 vs PS3 vs Xbox one vs Pc vs Laptop

Please help I want something that is going to last for 2-3 years I am not rich I can spend up to £450 to £500 max
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  1. If you are ok with buying retail games at 60-80 bucks then go PS4 as it has great exclusives. If you plan on playing games on summer sales or indie games or "borrowing them from a friend" then i can build you a decent pc for 500 pounds.

    IMO graphics wise and gameplay wise PC is above all but PS4/PS3 has some cool exclusives that are somewhat worth it if you can find them at a discounted price
  2. That really depends on what games you play and whether or not you will build your own system if it is a pc.
    o Bottom line, I would probably go PC or PS3
    o Definitely no on laptop for gaming at that price.
    o PS3 would probably let you get the most games for low cost and you will probably continue getting new game support for the next two years at least.
    o PS4/XBOX one would take most of that money, but you will get much longer game support
    o The PC would not be all that powerful, but you could still play most if not all games at 1080p, though it would take pretty much your entire budget, it would last for 3 years and with steam you should be able to get a big collection of games for cheap during their sales. One benefit is that you could update the system in 3 years for less than the cost of a new console
  3. Right now PS3, huge game library, cheap games and awesome exclusives.
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    Let's split this into two categories: Consoles and PC (desktop and laptop)

    Consoles - Once you buy the console you can play any game that has been designed for that console. The hardware basically stays the same until a new generation is released. A PS4 game released in 2020 will play on a PS4 you buy today (assuming it does not break) because the hardware for it will be the same compared to a PS4 bought in 2020.

    PC - New hardware is always coming out. That means new games are always pushing the performance envelop. In many cases a newly released game runs poorly on current hardware and you need to wait for future hardware to max out graphic settings and also get good performance. Best example would be Crysis (the 1st game), when it came it even very high end PCs ($2,000+) could not run the game properly. Playing a 2020 game on a PC bought in 2014 (with no upgrades between those years) is likely to still be possible if it was a pretty powerful 2014 PC, but graphic settings would need to be turned down.

    PS4, PS3, or XboxOne - I don't know. I do not play console games, Look at the available games and decide. Are there any exclusive games you want to play? You like playing Halo? Well, then you have no choice... Xbox One.

    PC desktop or Laptop - Desktops are basically big and bulky, but they are relatively inexpensive unless you are really looking for a lot of performance, then the price tag can go up. Desktops are generally upgradeable. Buy a desktop today with a nvidia GTX 750 Ti and you can most likely upgrade to a GTX 970 Ti (not a real graphics card... yet) a few years later when it gets released.

    Laptops are all the rage, They are small and portable. However, they are basically not upgradeable besides the hard drive and RAM. Expensive gaming laptops ($1,400+) give you the option to upgrade the graphic card, but those cards can be quite expensive ($400+). Additionally, laptop graphic cards a weak in comparison to desktops PCs. To get the same performance of a $600 desktop, you may have to spend $1,200 or more in a laptop.
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