Seagate vs Western Digital - Which one?

I have been searching for a long time about this and I can't find an answer.

Right know I am building a PC, and I want 1TB or 2TB of space in an HDD. Below is a list of the options and prices.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB - 49,70€
Western Digital 1TB Blue - 49,50€
Western Digital 1TB Green - 51,30€
Western Digital 1TB Red - 61,80€

Seagate Barracuda 2TB - 74,60€
Western Digital 2TB Green - 77,95€
Western Digital 2TB Red - 90,90€

First question, Seagate or Western Digital?
Second question, what is the difference between Blue, Green and Red?
Third question, 1TB or 2TB (800€ gaming and video editing build)
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    for external i will recommend the WD and for internal go for the cheaper one ....well 1 ,2 ,3,4 tb depends on how much space u need if u want more space then get more.......
    Greens less power consumption but also less performance
    Blues are balance between power and performance standard desktop drives.
    Reds are performance oriented drives that spin at variable rates Like Green, but more reliable and designed for small enclosures and RAID setups
    Blacks high performance among the all but more power consumption.. Faster, more cache, great compromise if you can't afford an SSD
  2. I heard Seagate's internal drives are slightly faster than WD's. It that true? If it is than I assume I should get Seagate no?
  3. segate or wd go for the one you prefer i have 1tb segate and 1 tb wd blue some says that segate are more cooler than wd but in my case its the opposite so they are both fine if u have the cash then go for the black wd its really fast but the price is too much almost double than the blue...
  4. Ok, thank you so much. I'll take a look at the rest of the build and see if there is anything I can do to get the black.
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