How much RAM do I need?

I'm building a PC for gaming, but I was wondering how much RAM would be necessary. I looked at the Battlefield 4 system requirements and noticed it said 8gb of RAM was required. Will 8gb be ok for the future, or should I fork out an extra £30 on 16gb. I get that when I'm spending £1400, £30 makes little difference, but I don't want to waste money
Thanks :-)
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    If you have the money, 16GB is nice. I'd rather get 16GB off the bat than upgrade and end up mixing and matching RAM chips down the road. I know on AMD systems, usually 2 RAM slots give you good overclocking/faster RAM usage, and 2 don't, so I went 16GB matched pair off the bat.
  2. 16GB is the way to go, prices will continue to rise and having the extra, even now will help out performance wise
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