Gigabyte gtx 780 ti Ghz edition vs Asus gtx 780 ti Matrix platinum

Hello, if I don't plan to extremely overclock a graphics card, which one should I get? Gigabyte gtx 780 ti GHZ edition or Asus gtx 780 ti Matrix platinum (because of how it looks). Would it be a total waste of money to buy Matrix platinum or could I overclock it more than Gigabyte GHZ edition on it's stock fans?
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  1. Gigabyte has higher clocks out of the box but from what I've read doesn't overclock much. The Asus is slower out of the box but may overclock a bit higher. I dont think you can go wrong with either!
    (Personally i like the looks of the Gigabyte better :))
  2. The gigabyte ghz edition has instability issues and coil whine, you should go fro a evga classified or the evga superclocked or msi twin frozr edition or the inno3d ichill herculez OC edition, all are roughly the same price
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    I'd go the Asus, they generally go to high OCs out of the box, but with the CU cooling OC very well, I've got a pair of 780s in SLI and was fairly easy to put them to a 25% OC
  4. Neither. EVGA or nothing.
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