RAID 1: Intel Rapid Storage Tech vs. Windows drivers

I'm planning to set up RAID 1 with two SATA data drives on a now-on-order Sabertooth Z97 motherboard. I've never set up RAID before.

Section 5.1.4 of the Sabertooth Z97 manual:

says I can press CTRL-I during POST to bring up the Intel Rapid Storage Technology menu, and configure RAID 1 that way.

But section 5.2, titled 'Installing the RAID driver during Windows OS installation,' says I should load a RAID driver during the OS install too.

My impression is that I do either-or, and not both: either configure the RAID 1 set up with CTRL-I and Intel Rapid Storage Technology Option, OR load the software Windows drivers during the Windows install.

Does that sound right, or am I missing something?
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    Motherbd raid is software raid, you will do both... but... you can setup the raid 1 with the rapidstor utility after you install windows thou I recommend you set it up prior to installing windows (crtl+I). Keep in mind that installing the raid driver during windows install is only so that install can find and work with the array. Installing the full driver package installs the rest of the software (utilities) too work with & manage the arrays.

    Win7 & up include the raid drivers, so there's no need to install them during. Installing the full package afterwards will update the drivers and give you the utilities to manage it.
  2. Thanks for the response, popatim ... and I now have a feeling that I should have investigated further before clicking the 'buy' button on my on-the-way components.

    If motherboard RAID is software RAID, then it looks like I won't be able to use bitlocker:

    ... and (now that I've done the googling I should have done before I clicked 'buy') I also see that many think that PCIe RAID is the way to go, if RAID is used at all:

    Big, long sigh from labler88: my bad! Time to do more research.
  3. Then consider why you want raid?
    Raid is to keep your system running should a drive fail (redundancy) It is not for data protection thou it does provide alittle. Data protection is the job of your backup scheme.
    Raid cannot protect the data from virus, user error, voltage spikes, corruption...
  4. Good point, popatim; thanks again for the feedback.
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