Sata 6 Gb/s PCIe Card on X58 Mother Board

In trying to come up with ways to upgrade my system, I was wondering if I could put a Vantec 4 Channel 6-Port SATA 6 Gb/s PCIe RAID Host Card Model UGT-ST644R with HyperDuo on my x58 based system
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  1. I know the card works as a sata3 card on x58 just fine, not sure about hyperduo though.
  2. Thanks for response, popatim - - I'm trying to extend the life of an HP Pavilion Elite m9600t, running an Intel Core I7 940 @ 2.93 ghz, and 12 Gb triple channel DDR3. In the process, I am also upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate from Vista Ultimate. I have the Win7 upgrade software but I'm starting to lean towards a clean install of 7 so I don't carry over any problems. I just don't relish having to reinstall all of my programs.
    Getting back to the card, can I just install it in the x16 slot I have open, and perhaps connect an SSD to it as my boot drive. Which opens the chicken/egg dilemma of port to SSD first and then upgrade to Win 7 or upgrade first and then port to SSD.
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