Pioneer CLD-79 Error Code

Hello, anyone have or know the error codes for this unit?

Here is the problem I'm having...

The unit powers on. Plays CD's, but not LD's. When I put in a LD, any disc, it pulls it in, loads it up, spins around all like normal, then stops and an error code of "P6" displays on the screen.

I popped open the case and checked to see what's going on, and it all looks good. The drive is engaging, the tray is ejecting and contracting, the disc mounts and spins.

Anyone? Anything? Thanks!
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  1. I found a page that lists pioneer error codes. Yours seems to be a spindle error. P means spindle error. The 6 means TOC (table of contents?) read. Here's the link:

    It seems these are all for a cld-d925 but I imagine the codes are mostly the same across the board.
  2. I have one I can sell you. Pioneer Elite CLD-79. I have the remote with it. Make me an offer.
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