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I am looking to purchase a projector and looking to spend around $600 or so. I came across this ACER projector I read about it and everything sounds good, just to let you know I don't know much about projectors thats why everything sounds good at this time,so I am here to ask of your advice. The room it will be going to is small. Its my bedroom. The Viewing distance would be about 8ft-9ft max. Any advice/help greatly appreciated thank you.
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  1. Might be able to help more if we knew what model projector your looking at.

    -Wolf sends
  2. ACER PH530
  3. <== Specifications <== Projector calculator

    If you haven't been here, I'd certainly recommend it. At the very least go over what other people are saying (sounds like a very good projector). My only concern right now would be if this is a new or used projector. Lamps are generally rated for 2000-3000 hours so if it's used, you'll probably get much less time before having to replace it (the lamp) which looks to cost around $200-$250.

    Also note that Acer stopped manufacture of the model at the end of 2008.

    My recommendation: If it's used, pass. If it's new off the shelf, buy.

    -Wolf sends
  4. alright, thanks that is a good site and yea the projector is used, and the person actually replaced the bulb , I also wanted to know if it would work good or decent if I placed the screen and projector about 8ft away, I want to put it in my room and my room isn't all that big does it matter how close can the projector be to the screen?
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    The distance between the projector and the screen is called the "Throw Distance". The greater the throw distance, the larger the image. With that projector, in your room, you're looking at about a five foot diagonal screen (see the projector calculator link I posted before). Make sure your screen/display area is going to be large enough for the display.

    Depending on how close you sit to the screen, you may notice a "screen door" effect. Essentially, this is like little black lines separating each pixel in the display. The closer you sit, the more noticeable it is. I'd guess that if the projector is 8ft away from the screen, you won't want to sit closer than 6ft.

    The above is an example of the screen door effect.

    All in all, I think you'll be very happy, but I'd rather you be able to test it in your room before buying (if at all possible).

    -Wolf sends
  6. Thanks appreciate the help.
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