Can an asus amd radeon r9 280x directCU II fit into a nzxt lexa s case ?

I would so appreciate an answer :D
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    According to this review the maximum length is 284mm. Going by Asus' specs, the card should just about fit (it'll be tight though), but going by this Tom's Hardware article, the card won't fit.
    If I were you I'd get a slightly shorter card unless you don't mind getting a new case.
  2. I already got the card . what case should i get ?
  3. To be safe, I'd get a case with at least 290mm clearance, but you should be fine with around 288mm. If you already have the case as well then you may as well try and fit it in anyway.

    The source 220 will fit that card, you'll just have to mount your HDDs out of the way.
  4. I got a source 530 . ezpz
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