How do i access a dvd with a different format to windows

Hello, I have an old dvd-r disc which i recorded video from a camcorder using an early model dvd/r machine. I now dont have the player that I originally recorded it on and I havint been able to play the disc on any system. When I insert the dvd, windows says it is either corrupted or in a different format. I know the disc isnt corrupted. Does anyone know how I could possibly access the content on the dvd and convert it to a compatible format? Cheers. B Australia
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  1. What format is it?
  2. Try klite codec pack.
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    First if you can't read it anywhere else, how do you know the disk is not corrupted or scratched or the dye has failed? You can't KNOW it's not an issue with the disk unless you can read it at a second device. Since you can't read it on anything (I'm assuming you tried 3-4-5 different DVD drives/computers or else you need to try more), I'm guessing the disk is bad, or the format the DVD recorder wrote to is unreadable by a computer. Did you try a component DVD layer or just one in a computer?

    Did you check for scratches, smudges, etc...?
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