HIS R9 280X vs XFX R9 280X

I'm planning on building a gaming PC and I've decided on the R9 280X but am stuck between these two models by HIS and XFX.

XFX: http://

HIS: http://

I'm only going with these two because they match my color scheme.
I believe the XFX is has faster clock speeds but is a little more expensive. They are both 3GB models.
So which of them should I get?
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  1. Get the HIS one cause it has better cooling system than the XFX one....temperature affects performance....So better get his card and overclock it slightly .....You would be enough happy then
  2. Im not to familiar with HIS cards, but I see people recommend XFX cards more than HIS cards, also I have heard that HIS cards are not as good in terms of build quality and durability.
  3. Then you may go with the XFX one.Anyhow you get more clock speed so that you can get 3-5 fps more....
  4. The clock speed it a bit higher yes, but i think the extra price is justified by the better build quality and cooler.
  5. You may get higher clock speed with extra price.....but you may not get better cooling system.I would personally go with the HIS card and overclock it as the best answer if it helped you
  6. What makes you say that the HIS card has better cooling? From what i've scene XFX's cooler is more robust and generally better, also HIS is kind of a tertiary brand.
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    I have had XFX cards and Ive had HIS cards, the cooling system on HIS is always a lot more effecient than xfx's, infact one of my xfx cards died due to the bad cooling system.

    - Better cooling system also means you will be able to overclock it later down the road and if you're not going to, it means it'll have a longer life span.
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