i have a tv with only one hdmi slot but i need 2 so i can record and use my ps3 at the same time

i have a tv with only one hdmi slot but i have a hd pvr 2 recording/game capture device and that needs to be plugged in to my tv and so does my ps3 at the same time and need to be sending signals to the tv at the same time so is there any thing that could just add another hdmi port HELP
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  1. Why would you want to send signals from your ps3 and pvr to the tv at the same time?

    Even if your tv had multiple hdmi, it would only use one at a time.
  2. You just need an HDMI input switch. Just google HDMI input selector.
    If you want to record from the PS3 it will have to feed the PVR directly as there are no video outputs on your TV. Just connecting both to the TV is not enough.
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    If the device that is recording the ps3 is being attached to the TV, then you would need the PS3 connected to the recording device. In this case you need to connect the PS3 to the PVR and the PVR will record the PS3 gameplay and send the video to the TV through its HDMI port.
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