Just ordered a KINGSTON v300 SSD

Newegg shellshocker and a vulnerable innocent customer. I ordered it yesterday model is SV300S37A. Several google searches later I'm deep in product reviews and benchmarks, many which are apparently outdated with kingstons "firmware" update. I wanted a PNY 240gb ssd, but hey, 15 bucks is 15 bucks. I'm still a computer noob and was hoping someone more knowledgable on the topic could give me a brief rundown on whether or not I screwed up (constructive criticism guys, no need for public humiliation, I'm not THAT bad), and if I should return/cancel my order.
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    Nothing wrong with it at all. I like Samsung drives just for overall reliability but to be honest I have a 500GB 840 Evo and a several year old OCZ Vertex 2 120GB and side by side it would be hard to tell the difference. The main thing is to get an SSD as large as you can afford. The difference between the fastest and slowest SSDs is so small it really is hard to tell without benchmarking.
  2. anort3 is right, there shouldn't be much of a real life uses difference between most of them, the performance is still way way better than the normal hard disk. Just the reliability is the main concern over a long period of usage time, but I wouldn't worry too much it should have no problem holding on for at least 2-3 years of moderate use.
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    it should have no problem holding on for at least 2-3 years of moderate use.

    You might be off a few decades ;)

    The V300 uses MLC NAND which should readily outlast the cheaper SLC NAND used in the Samsung 840 Evo.

    At 50GB a day! of writes an 'inferior' SLC based 250GB Evo should 'officially' last over 15 years. As stated in the article real world performance is actually close to double official performance. Needless to say the drive will be obsolete before it wears out.
  4. ohmygodthankyouguys, I was really getting worried, reassurance is awesome, it matched the h440 I'm getting, and was cheaper, can't wait to finish mah build
  5. Glad to help! :)
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