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Accidentally Removed Speakers From Windows Sound Settings

I was trying to connect my PC to an HDTV instead of my monitor and I disabled my PC speakers so I could use the speakers on my TV and now I don't know how to re-enable my PC speakers. Anybody know what I can do to enable my PC speakers? They're just the standard two piece speakers that connect to the PC via audio jack.
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    right click the volume icon. sound playback devices.

    right click inside this window and click show disabled devices. re-enable your speakers. set them to the default playback device.
  2. Thanks ssdx! Got my speakers back :)
  3. Yay I got mine back to thank you
    Another way to solve laptop/desktop low volume issues.
    I had the same problem when I first bought my laptop, the volume just would not go loud enough, and everyone that has Windows 8.1 with bing knows that the enhancement tab under speaker setting has been removed for some reason.So, I have a very simple... Read More
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