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I've got a Pioneer CLD-D505 that does not power on and I need to check the fuse and power supply outputs.

Only problem is I can't get the tray to move out of the front of the unit to gain access to the power supply board. I've spun the motor on the left side of the unit but this only advances the CD tray, not the big LD tray. I've looked for some sort of an "eject" function but can't find anything. As I see it the two spur gears just behind the front panel need to release to get the tray to move out. It can't be lifted because the front metal bracket. I hesitate to pull the front panel off since there are connectors underneath.

Any clues?

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  1. Take the top off. On the right side of the player up front right under the tray is a bunch of gears and a wheel with a belt on it. There is also a white piece of plastic a little further back that is spring loaded. Rotate the wheel with your finger(be careful to not mess up the belt). If the cd tray starts to open you are going the wrong way. At the same time you are rotating the wheel, push inward (lightly) on the spring loaded white piece of plastic until it slides in and stops. Now rotate the wheel the opposite direction until the LD tray starts to open.
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