Laserdisc CLD-97 spins but no play, please help!

I just purchased a Pioneer CLD-97 from ebay, and ofcurse, with my luck, is not woking! it plays cds fine, but when I insert a laserdisc and hit play, I can see the LD spining, I can hear the laser moving up and down, but nothing, then the LD slows down a little, it speeds up a little, it slows down again... and no play. It gets recognize as an LD, but it looks like is not spining fast enought. CDs play fine. I clean the laser and tied cleaning the clamp, but it still does not play. I hope you can hlp me. thank you!
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  1. Hi. I'm having the exact same issue with the exact same model. Weird. If you hear something, can you let me know too. I'll do the same. Thanks.

  2. I was told that there might be no servo lock up or what ever that mean. I own it up and cleaned the clamps very well thinking it was that, but it didn't work. Did you clean yours up yet? I sent it back and I purchased a McIntosh mld7020 in pristine condition with original boxes.
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